Best Web Hosting Company in INDIA, Milesweb Review

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Milesweb Review

Milesweb Review

Hi, this is an honest review on Milesweb Review .

Because my own websites Hostingmall  and Lovely Gifts itself hosted on Milesweb Server.

There are many reasons to write the Milesweb review.


Why I chose Milesweb for web hosting ?

I will tell you here in detail about this, so be with me …….

But before that I would like to ask you the following questions.

I am sure, finally this will definitely land you in a perfect conclusion for choosing your web hosting partner. 

So my question is  

Are you a website Or blog site owner Or a beginner from India ?

Are you not satisfied with your existing web hosting company ? In terms of Speed, Bandwidth, and support,  which has been committed to you while purchasing your web hosting package.

Do you expect a technical support must be in your local language or at least the language  like English, Hindi or marathi, in which you understand and communicate better. 

Definitely this will help both side to resolve the issue within stipulated time. 

Now, Do you feel that you got fade up with your existing hosting partner and seriously looking forward to switch over your web hosting with another most trustworthy, reliable Indian Web hosting, whose track record is excellent.

Then friend, you are absolutely at right place …..

This is my humble request Please keep reading this article till end. I will make you sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Now move further ……..

As I earlier said, Why I chose Milesweb as web hosting partner for my websites.

” The reason is simple, Actually, due to my past bitter experience with existing hosting partner, I was not in a position to take much risk regarding web hosting partner for my next project”. 

How I selected MILESWEB as Web Hosting Partner ?

So, I was looking for such a hassle free environment where I could only concentrate on my content creation, also not wanted to indulge in technical issue all the time.

See, previously I had 2-3 more websites,  which I had created in initial days of my web designing and blogging career.

Why research work is so Important , before purchasing anything …

As a beginner , I had little knowledge about web hosting companies and their infrastructure, hosting solutions , level of support and services etc.

So, I did not research work well earlier. By getting attracted from advertisements , recommendation of my friends, finally I tied up with one big giant Global web hosting company for my web hosting solution.

Big brands are not always not a good CHOICE

This is my personal observation and experience, that BIG BRANDs always a good choice. It’s not necessary that their products and services would always be better than smaller companies.

In my case too, I chose a company, which is world wide very big one right now too.

They use to spend crores of rupees in advertising using all media channels to grab the customer like me.

Friend, please forgive me …

for not mentioning their name here, because it would not be professionally ethical. But, if you wish, you can ask by commenting below.  I will definitely reveal you the company name.

A good salesman can sell soil too on price of gold

Anyways, I contacted their sales team to get a appropriate hosting solution for my website, which must be within my budget too.

After getting my complete requirement considering the future plans including upcoming website traffic, they suggested me to go with Shared Hosting plan. The package price was beyond my budget.

So, it was difficult situation for me because I was not in a position to afford the price, therefore I expressed my views with them, but they said, this is the only choice.

I thought, as I don’t have any choice, so I should go with their solution only.

Finally, I purchased So called “Shared Hosting Package” for one year, from them well established and reputed web hosting company.

Now, after taking hosting package, I developed my site and hosted on their server, which was I suppose located somewhere in United states.

Why effective support is so Important ?

After 2-3 months, when user traffic got increased, then real problem start occurring, which I never expected.

Actually, now the site speed was performing very slow. The loading time of web pages drastically taking too much time than expected. Sometimes, even I used to get timeout messages too.

I was very much harassed and disappointed regarding my website performance. So, I tried my best to optimized the site contents and technical stuffs up to my best of level. But unfortunately, I was failed.

The corrections were not enough to resolve the performance issue. Therefore, I headed up towards the support team.

After checking all the things, team member came back to me saying “As because you have a shared hosting plan, in which you are sharing the resources with other one also, So you can get only limited Bandwidth , RAM, web Space etc.

Decision to switch over ….

The only option is to change existing plan with new unlimited shared hosting plan or some other high end solution.  but that would be very costly affair.

Due to budget constraint I had to opt unlimited plan. But, frankly speaking that also not worked. But any how I stretched out for almost a year.

Within this crucial time I had decided that I will have to change my existing hosting partner.

So this was my real worst experience with existing hosting partner……..

New Journey started with Milesweb

Now, my new journey was ahead and that was “Searching of reliable hosting partner“.

So, this time, I took ample time to do research work to find out really a good and reliable hosting partner, whose credibility  must be much more higher in the hosting industry.

while doing my research work I considered 10-12 web hosting companies. I read the user’s comment, reviews and compared their hosting plans with each other.

Choosing a right Hosting provider is like Choosing a Life Partner” …   mean it ….

Why ?

Because, if you select a wrong hosting partner then ..chances are there that ..

  • Your website may leads towards under performance ( as I too faced earlier ) . You may miss out your goals, for which you have started your site or blog. So, it is very important to match all the characteristics. We should carefully check the pros and cons of hosting partner.

How to choose a Reliable Web Hosting partner ?

Now, this is big question ? because there hundreds of Hosting partners from bottom level to top level. To select best one among all of them, it’s a big, time consuming and tedious task.

( But, don’t worry my reviews will make you more comfortable and definitely you may save a lot of time …you should just keep reading ……)

So, While doing my research and choosing as my Hosting Partner, I did the following things, which I             would like to recommend you too to follow.

  • User Reviews : In this Internet age, you can find out actual user’s reviews for a particular web hosting company. Write down their pros and cons mentioned by users.
  • Technical Support : Most important thing is technical support. The support must be available in 24 x 7 basis, because you don’t know when the problem will arise.  These User’s review will help you to understand the quality of support.
  • Language of support : This is my personal observation that majority of we Indian are very much comfortable in their mother tongue, while communicate with others compare to English. Your mother tongue could be either Hindi, Marathi, telugu, Bangla etc..etc. So, you should always check whether support team of that particular Hosting company are equipped with the Indian languages are not.
  • Server Resources : Comparison of server resources with each Hosting companies.  What kind of resources they are offering by within a Hosting Package.
  • Server Up time : You should always check that server Up time must be higher than 99% ( on actual). Server uptime always play a vital role regarding site visitor interaction with your site. If server often goes down, then it might create a bad impression on visitors. They may distract from your site forever. In that case you should always consider real user’s review and read carefully read their comment on server uptime issue.
  • Tools & Application : One should also check that What are features and how many latest version of application and tools are included in the hosting package. You must compare the same with other companies.
  • Hosting Price : Price of Hosting package is of course a vital point. It should be within your budget.
  • Website Migration : You should check whether, the hosting company providing “Free migration of Website” or not. Because, if you are going to change your existing web hosting partner, then you would like to migrate your existing website into new hosting server.
  • Location of server : People always, skip this major criteria while researching the hosting partner. Location of server is very much important, because it depends upon your target audiences. Suppose, if your audience belongs to a particular country, then you must check, whether the hosting server is located in that specific country or not.

Why location of Server is so Important

My strong recommendation is that you must select “Server Location” nearer to your “Target Audiences” ..

By keeping the server location nearer your target audiences, you will get the following benefits. This will help to improve your Google Ranking too.

1. Loading time :  of web pages would be lesser than the server located at different country.

2. Latency rate :  would be much more less, then your site visitor will get uninterrupted information.

Friends, all the above points I  have considered, while selecting Milesweb as my web hosting partner. Now, I am highly satisfied their services and resources they are providing. I give them full marks ( 100%) on the above mentioned vital points.

So, I would recommend that, you may also choose Milesweb  for your web hosting requirement.

About Milesweb

Milesweb is Nasik based #1 hosting company since 2012 running by milesweb internet services pvt ltd. Milesweb is leading, reliable and among the top 10 web hosting companies in india.

Over 9000+ client has rely on Milesweb hosting solution to make their online presence.

Milesweb web hosting packages are very much popular and best suitable for high traffic websites , blogs and online stores.

Reason for choosing Milesweb

  • Milesweb team consists of highly experienced Linux and Windows system administrators. They are highly expertise in cPanel and Plesk control panel. Even they are well capable to handle mission critical system too. Milesweb server experts handles server related complex issues like reducing downtime, improve performance.
  • Milesweb is committed to deliver the best. Because they know web hosting industry better.
  • Milesweb offers great quality products i.e. standard and custom made hosting. The product range consists domain registration , shared hosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting, email hosting, dedicated servers, eCommerce hosting, SSL certificates, CMS hosting etc.
  • Competitive price : Milesweb offers very competitive price for all kind of their hosting solution.
  • 24 x 7 Support : Milesweb support team always available to resolve the customer’s technical issues.
  • Website Migration : Milesweb technical team well equipped in migration of website activities.

Comparison with Other companies

Milesweb review
Source : Milesweb India
milesweb review
Source : Milesweb India

Milesweb Hosting plans

You can choose any kind of Hosting plans i.e. Shared , Unlimited, Reseller, Cloud , VPS and WordPress hosting plans according to your needs.

Milesweb provides cheapest web hosting in india.

You can also Register your domain from Milesweb. The milesweb is one of the leading cheap domain registrars in India, Who provides cheapest domain registration in India.

The below are some of the main domain extentions and its prices.

Domains New Transfer Renew
.Com Rs.749/Yr Rs.749/Yr Rs.799/Yr
.Net Rs.915/Yr Rs.915/Yr Rs.915/Yr
.in Rs.575/Yr Rs.575/Yr Rs.625/Yr Rs.415/Yr Rs.415/Yr Rs.415/Yr
.org Rs.999/Yr Rs.999/Yr Rs.999/Yr
.info Rs.865/Yr Rs.865/Yr Rs.865/Yr

Milesweb Shared Hosting (windows)

Tyro Swift Turbo
Price Rs.60/Mo Rs.296/Mo Rs.484/Mo
CPU Core 1.5 3 4
RAM 2 3 5
Email ID 10 Unlimited Unlimited
SQL DB 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domain Yes Yes Yes
Anti Spam Yes Yes Yes

Milesweb Unlimited Hosting

Tyro Swift Turbo
Price Rs.60/ Mo Rs.185/Mo Rs.285/Mo
Website 1 1 Unlimited
Disk Space
1 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain No Yes Yes
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes
Email ID 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Sub domain Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Yes Yes Yes
CPU Core 1.5 3 4
RAM 2 GB 3 GB 5 GB

Milesweb Reseller Hosting

Unlimited Reseller Hosting
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Rs.290 Rs.500 Rs.840 Rs.1140
10 20 40 60
Disk Space
20 GB 50 GB 100 GB 150 GB
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited unlimited


unlimited Unlimited unlimited
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes
cPanel / WHM Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Email ID
unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Virus Scanner Yes Yes Yes Yes
MySQL unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Milesweb WordPress Hosting

Ace Heart Diamond
Rs.69 Rs.210 Rs.490
Website 1 1 3
Disk Space
1 GB unlimited unlimited
Bandwidth 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Email No Unlimited Unlimited
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes
CPU 1 3 4
RAM 512 MB 3 GB 4 GB

MilewWeb Dedicated Server

Milesweb Review
Milesweb Dedicated Server

Milesweb VPS Hosting ( Windows )

Milesweb VPS Hosting

Milesweb VPS Hosting ( Linux )

milesweb Linux VPS Hosting

milesweb Linux VPS Hosting

Milesweb cloud Hosting

Milesweb Review
Milesweb Cloud Hosting

Security Certificate for Website or SSL Certificate

In this rapidally growing digital world, now people prefers do their most of the transaction online. Whether its matter of online shopping , booking tickets online, online bank transaction etc. etc.

As you are well aware that cyber attacks and fraudulent are also increasing day by day.

So, to prevent from such attacks and fraudulent actitivities, the website owners must install SSL Certificate to secure their customer’s valuable data.

For any kind of support need from milesweb support team, you may contact to them through following toll free number.

What is SSL Certificate ?

SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer, a technology which establish a secured encrypted link between web server and your web browser i.e. ( Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Internet Explorer etc.). This link ensures to make your valuable data which is passing between web server and browser remain private. 

You can get more valuble information about SSL Certificate by just clicking What is SSL Certificate ??

Milesweb is one of major SSL certificate provider in India. You can buy cheapest ssl certificate from Milesweb.

The following describes the cost of ssl certificate in india provided by Milesweb

Features Domain
Price/Yr Rs.700 Rs.2000 Rs.4500 Rs.13000
Encryption strength 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Green Bar No No No Yes
SSL Type Single Domain Single Domain Sub
Single Domain
Server Licensing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Milesweb support

Do you always face support issues with your existing web hosting provider. I guess, your answer would be definitely ‘Yes’.

Support is always a major concern area for users, specially in INDIA. After selling their product, the seller hardly takes care about their customer.

Resulting, we struggle a lot, if any technical problem occurs in the product. The most important is that during this period our business gets suffered like anything.

Hence, My strong recommendation is that we should always keep the “Support Facilitieson TOP PRIORITY. Before purchasing any good or Services.

But in case of Milesweb Support, I will give 10/10 marks for their excellent support facilities.

Milesweb Support is well known for their ultimate support specially in INDIA. As a user whenever I called to Milesweb support team they always respond me immediately and resolved my problem without any delay.

For any kind of support call in this Toll Free Numer 1800-266-3133.


Friends, considering all the above facts, if you are looking reliable and best hosting providing company in India, whose server is installed in India itself, then I would definitely recommend Milesweb. 

Hope you won’t be disappointed ….. but after all choices are yours

Any question or doubt ..feel free to comment below, I will try my best to resolve the same.

please comment below whether you liked this milesweb review ?

Surya Shrivastava 05.12.2019


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