Top 10 Web Hosting companies in India

Some years back, it was really hard to get a best web hosting company in India. Because most of the renowned  web hosting companies used to operate from their country itself.

Meaning, their data centers are installed outside the India. Earlier, Due to poor internet connectivity problem of our country,  most of the users always used to face a lot of problem like getting a proper speed, quality and ontime technical support. 

But now, there are hundreds of web hosting companies now in INDIA, who provides quality and reliable web hosting services. Their Data centers are at INDIA itself, so users get proper web hosting solution in all means. 

Due to low cost internet packages, now things are getting changed rapidally in the field of web hosting. 

Friends, I have tried my best to cover up such top 10 web hosting companies of India itself. 

I am sure you will definitely get benefitted while choosing web hosting partners for your projects. 

Before listing out name of those Top 10 web hosting company , I would suggest please follow the following guidelines How to choose best web hosting for your project. 

How to choose a Best web hosting provider ?

  • Firstly, you must check about Location of Datacenter. This must be located within your country or nearby your city / places. This will reduce latency time to access the server resources.

  • The Datacenters must be preferably Tier-3 and Tier-4 level and they must follow standards according to that.

  • If must avoide to choose Shared Hosting Services ( If you don’t have a budget constraint ). However in intially you can go with Shared Hosting, But, when your website traffic grows exponentially, you must switch over to other hosting plans i.e. Cloud Hosting , Unlimited Hosting etc. ( But It Depends upon traffic and budget ).

  • Must check their hosting plan, what kind of fast perfomring Hard Disks for storage of your web pages, they are providing. Preferably this must be a SSD Disk. Please note this help your users to access the web pages faster.

  • Must check how much Bandwidth they are are providing in their hosting plan. The Bandwidth will reduce conjuntion of data.

  • Must check How much RAM ( memory ) they are providing in their plan. For a better performance RAM must be atleast 1 GB or higher, depends upon your expected traffic and budget.

  • Must check How is their Technical Support ? Whether they are providing support in your native language i.e. Hindi, marathi, Telgu, Tamil etc., other than English lanugage. Preferably their support team must be available 24 x 7 x 365 days.

  • Must check, How much uptime they are providing. It must be more than 99% uptime gurantee from them.

  • If you are a website developer, then you must select such a plan in which you can develop multiple websites.

  • Must check, Whether your web hosting provider is providing SSL Certificates or not. Please note that this is must for security of your website.

  • Must check How many Email IDs they are providing in their hosting plans ?

I am sure after followting these steps, you will definitely get your appropriate web hosting partner.

Now I am listing out below those Top 10 Web Hosting companies in India. Please note that these lists are a Random List. I tried my best to rate them according my opinion but it may vary with other’s opinion.

List of Top 10 Web Hosting companies in India


About Hostinger : Established in 2004 at Kaunas, Lithuania., is a leading, renowned web hosting company. Their Global foot print available in 178 countries. Hostinger have world class Data centers located at various part of world, which are Equipped with state of Art latest server technology. A Proud member of ICANN.

Customer Base : As of now Hostinger has aquired 29 million users worldwide and its continuosely growing.

Services Offerd : Through world class Datacenters available worldwide, Hostinger provides Web Hosting, Email Hosting , Domain Registration , Website Builder etc. services.

Silent Features – Reliable Service, 99.99% uptime gurantee, 24x7x365 days support, affordable hosting plans, Equipped with latest server technology, State of art datacenter wordwide.

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About Hostgator : In a Florida dorm room, HostGator’s founder Brent Oxley weighs the pros and cons of naming his company either or, ultimately choosing the former and registering the domain on October 22, 2002.

Customer Base : As of now more than 30,0000 active customer are taking web hosting  solution from Hostgator. 

Services Offerd : Hostgator present in almost all major countries. They have installed world class state of Art, high performance Datacenters available worldwide, Hostgator provides Web Hosting, Email Hosting , Domain Registration , Cloud hosting, Application Website Builder etc. services.

Hostgator also provides other services i.e. Web Designing, PPC and SEO services to their clients.

Silent Features – Reliable Service, 99.99% uptime guarantee, 24x7x365 days support, affordable hosting plans, Equipped with latest server technology, State of art datacenter worldwide.

Support System : Hostgator is well known for their 24 x 7 support system through Live Chat, Call facility, Support Ticket system and Social Media Interaction. 


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