All SSL certificate are combination of a particular Validation Level + Types.

Let’s understand what those Validation levels and types are.

Certificate Validation Levels

1. Extended Validation Certificates: (EV)

EV certificates provide the highest levels of security, trust and customer conversion for online businesses. EV certificates are issued only after the issuing CA has conducted rigorous background checks on the company according to the guidelines laid out by the Certificate Authority/Browser Forum.

Whenever somebody visits a website that uses an EV certificate, the address bar will turn green in major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

EV certificates are used by all major online retailers and banks and are highly recommended for businesses that wish to immediately build customer trust in their site.

Suitable for : Recommended for sites requires encryption for more sensitive customer information, such as credit cards. Site owner information is more thoroughly vetted by the CA.

2. Organization Validated Certificates (OV)

OV certificates include full business and company validation from a certificate authority
(CA) using their established and accepted processes.

Each OV certificate contains full company name and address details, which means they provide significantly higher levels of assurance to end-users than Domain Validated certificates.

However, because they are not validated to the CA/B forum standards, they do not possess the ability to turn the browser address bar green.

Suitable for : Ideal for securing sites that take in customer info and require login credentials. Site owner information is verified by the Certificate Authority.

3. Domain Validated Certificates (DV)

DV certificates provide the same high levels of data encryption as the other validation levels but do not provide assurance about the identity of the business behind the website.

Whereas EV and OV certificates are only issued after the applicant organization has been manually vetted by a certificate authority.

DV certificates are issued after domain control has been established using an automated, online process. DV certificates are a popular choice for small sized web sites because of their faster issuance times and lower price.

suitable for : Perfect for blogs, personal websites. It does not verify the site owner information and should not be used for e-Commerce or sites that have a user login.

Certificate Types

1. Single Domain Certificates 

A single domain certificate allows a customer to secure one Fully Qualified Domain Name on a single certificate.

This certificate is available in DV, OV and EV variants at a variety of price points and warranty levels.

The straightforward nature of the single domain certificate makes it ideal for small to medium sized businesses managing a limited number of websites or Individual website owners.

2. Wildcard SSL Certificate

A Wildcard certificates allows businesses to secure a single domain and unlimited sub-domains of that domain.

For example, a wildcard certificate for ‘*’ could also be used to secure ‘’, ‘, ‘’ etc.

They also help simplify management processes by reducing the number of certificates that need to be tracked.

3. Multi Domain Certificate

A Multi-Domain certificate allows website owners to secure multiple through one certificate.

Customers can easily add or remove domains at any time. This simplifies SSL management because administrators need only keep track of a single certificate with a unified expiry date for all domains instead of keeping tabs on multiple certificates.

In addition, Multi Domain Certificate usually represent a cost saving over the price of individual certificates.

4. Unified Communications Certificate (UCC):

Unified Communications Certificates are specifically designed to secure Microsoft® Exchange and Office Communications environments.

How to install SSL Certificate

Most of the time, the Hosting company from where you are going to purchase the SSL Certificate, their support staff will help you out to install the Certificate. So, you must try to get their help first.

But, you can also do by yourself with little bit efforts.